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Heat wave over Spain

A minor heat wave is on its way this week in many parts of Spain. Temperatures of more than 10 degrees above normal for the season are expected.

weather-2016-06-08In Madrid temperatures of 35 degrees are expected, in Seville and Cordoba 38-40 degrees. The heat wave is expected to start today and last until Friday, with its peak on Thursday afternoon.

It is above all the inner parts of Spain which are being affected. Along the coast it becomes considerably cooler with temperatures around 30 degrees. In northern Spain a storm with rain and thunderstorms is approaching making it much colder there. This storm front will also help to mitigate the heat in the central and southern Spain from the middle of next week. Sources: AccuWeather and


What you should keep in mind when it gets scorching hot

When the temperature is rising rapidly, the body does manage to get used to it and it is especially important to be alert and be extra careful.

Pay particular attention to small children and the elderly. Children under five years and those over 65 are the most vulnerable as well as those who are overweight, ill or taking medications.

Stay as little as possible in the sun and use sun protection. Dress in bright and light clothes that cover most of the body – especially the head. Eat light foods that contain lots of fluids and minerals, such as fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Be restrictive with alcohol and coffee or avoid it altogether because it dries out the body. Pay particular attention to eyes, as the dry Sahara air can cause problems. Note if the urine is getting darker than usual or if you urinate less than usual – drink more water.

Avoid hard physical work or demanding sports, especially during the hottest time of day. Never leave anyone, neither man nor animals – in a parked car.

Heat stroke

Symptoms of heat stroke are mainly headaches and nausea, but can also be vomiting, visual disturbances, tremors, irritability and confusion. Heatstroke can be fatal, especially for children and seniors.

If you get heat stroke you need to get treatment as quickly as possible. You must immediately seek a cool place and get help to cool down the body, for example with a wet towel. You may also need to seek medical care where you will get a drip containing fluids and salts.

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