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Heat Wave in Spain

An intense heat wave with warnings for dangerously high temperatures has been issued for much of the Iberian Peninsula.

heat-wave-spainExtreme heat with temperatures above 40 degrees are excpected in many places, especially in the southern parts of Spain. Cordoba has had extreme heat over the last five days. On Saturday it was 41 degrees and yesterday it was 44.5 degrees.

It has also been hot with 42 degrees in Badajoz close to the Portuguese border and in Seville temperatures at 40 degrees were measured. In Madrid, there has been a little cooler with “only” 37 degrees, but they have had over 33 degrees every day since June 20th.

In the coming days it is expected to become even hotter and in the Spanish highlands there may be thunderstorms.

Along the coast of the Malaga province and in the Alicante Province it will more a bit cooler, where temperatures are expected to range between 27 and 29 degrees.

The high temperatures increase the risk of natural fires and in large parts of Spain the risk is now “extreme” or “high.”

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