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Health minister asked to resign

Hospital workers gathered outside Madrid’s hospital to express their concerns about their own safety.

Health Minister Ana Mato

Health Minister Ana Mato has been called to resign by Spanish health workers
Foto: Wikipedia

Health workers in Spain are in panic over the lack of training and lack of equipment necessary to deal with the new ebola threat that has suddenly become a reality in Spanish hospitals. The health minister Ana Mato has previously stated that Spain has excellent health professionals who are perfectly prepared to deal with Ebola patients, but on wednesday she was asked to resign by the health workers.

Julián Ordóñez from the General Union of Workers (UGT) says that many health workers are in a state of panic. “They have proven professional experience, but they do not have the training or sufficient knowledge to care for infectious patients,” he said.

Over the last days several nurses have not arrived at work at the Carlos III hospital where Teresa Romero Ramos now is being treated for Ebola and 14 other patients are in isolate, leading to an acute staff shortage and forcing the hospital to call in substitues. The workers are making excuses for not showing up to work and some have resigned.

On Friday the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy made a surprise visit to the Carlos III hospital, where he told that the government is working on measures to stop the disease from spreading. At the end of his visit health workers jeered and threw surgical gloves towards his convoy in protest at the governments handling of the Romero’s case.