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Guardia Civil at sea

Guardia Civil has just completed a major campaign to control recreational activities at sea

Guardia Civil servicio maritimo

Guardia Civil servicio maritimo.
Photo: Wikimedia

The campaign 
The campaign started in June and ended on September 15th. It was primarily small boats, water scooters and other leisure activities at sea that were checked. But even companies that are engaged in the education of boaters and other water activities have been checked. The purpose of the campaign was to increase safety for users of boats and floating structures and for bathers and visitors on the Spanish coast during the summer.

The result
4427 inspections have been carried out only in July and August which resulted in 1,004 fines. What was particularly noted was the lack of insurance certificates as well as the absence of a license. But it has also been noted that boats and water scooters have been in areas where they can not be.

Jet ski

Jet ski
Photo: Pixabay

Where and by whom
The controls were carried out by “Servicios and Maritime provincial”, “Patrulla the Fiscal” and “Fronteras de la Guardia Civil” in 29 coastal provinces. In the provinces of Alicante, Vigo and Cadiz there have been most controls of sports and leisure boats. When it comes to jet-skis most controls have been performed in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Cadiz and Malaga.