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Gibraltar could become Scottish

Scotland and Gibraltar are discussing the possibility of coming up with a plan to stay in the EU after UK’s Brexit.

gibraltar-rockSpain is now licking their lips at the thought of Gibraltar becoming Spanish. “The Spanish flag on the Rock of Gibraltar is now much closer than before” said Spain’s acting Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo. The Spanish government wants a joint sovereignty over The Rock who they believe is Spanish, but which residents are strongly opposing.

The Scots have a workable plan to remain in the EU: A new referendum will separate Scotland from its British neighbour. Gibraltar is however too small to be an independent country, but the majority wants to remain in the EU.

Gibraltar could obviously remain in the EU by joining Spain, but they do not want to do that. According to the BBC there are now negotiations about joining Scotland and thus remaining in the EU. Negotiations also includes Northern Ireland who also wishes to remain in the EU.

What is left of the United Kingdom will of course oppose this, but it is a possible scenario. David Cameron will obviously look at it as a personal defeat to be remembered as the man who lost Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. The result could be “Little Britain and Great Scotland ‘….

A third option for Gibraltar could be the Hong Kong model, where the territory was returned to China after a 99-year “lease”. The scenario implies that Gibraltar eventually becomes Spanish.

Scottish flags above Scotland, Gibraltar and Northern Ireland?

Scottish flags above Scotland, Gibraltar and Northern Ireland?

There is a fourth and more scary / bizarre scenario – The Falklands. Previously it has always been regarded as unthinkable that Britain and Spain would go to war over Gibraltar and certainly it is not a likely scenario. But after last week’s election nobody knows anything with certainty.