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Gas prices are dropping

The price of gas is expected to fall by up to 20% this year, this assuming that the current trend of low oil prices persist.

gas-bottle-butaneThe average price of a 12.5 kg butane bottle expected to go down by 5% in April and then declining every month until the end of the year, so the price will land somewhere between 14 and 15 Euro. The price of a bottle of gas is determined by the Ministry of Industry, who makes a price assessment quarterly. This applies to containers over 9 kg. Under this weight the pricing is free.

Last year was the actual cost of a 12.5 kg butane bottle was about 23 €, while the consumer could buy it for €17.50. Due to the falling oil prices, the actual cost is now lower than the retail price and therefore the prices are now being lowered. Demand for butane bottles fell by 7.5% last year, which corresponds to 70,000 tons. The total consumption of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fell by 8.5% last year. The only increase in gas sales last year came from cars where the increase was 20%.

The most common gas cylinders for households in Spain is 12.5 kg butane. But there are also larger gas containers of 35 kg and additionally propane tanks which are usually of 11 kg. Propane is used where there is a need for greater effect, or if the container must be stored below 0 degrees Celsius.

You will always get the lowest price if you replace the gas cylinder at the supplier retail location. If you replace the bottle at a gas station or from the gas car it is always a bit more expensive. Please remember that it is forbidden to have more than two gas bottles in the car because of regulations for hazardous materials. This applies whether the bottles are full or empty.

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