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Fuengirola introduces beach rescue drone

The City Council of Fuengirola has incorporated a rescue drone that is able to locate a bather in distress using a camera, and drop a life buoy that expands automatically.

Photo: Youtube screenshot, Aeromedia

The mayor, Ana Mula, accompanied by Town Councilor, José Sánchez, presented the new equipment, which has been in service since 1. July and will be used until 31. August. In most cases the drone is capable of reaching the person in distress much faster than a lifeguard and can make an important difference in situations where every second counts.

The drone is controlled by a ‘pilot’ and can locate a bather in distress through a built-in high quality camera. When the bather has been located it drops a life buoy that automatically expands in two seconds. It also carries another life buoy in case it is necessary to use it.

At the moment, the drone has been installed in the coordination module at the beach of Los Boliches, but it can be moved to another location if needed.

Yesterday we wrote about an incindent in Torremolinos were such a drone could have made an important difference for those involved: Three rescued on Torremolinos beach

Here is a video showing the drone in a rescue situation:

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