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French air traffic controllers striking

Once again the French air traffic controllers are striking, affecting not only the national air traffic but also the majority of flights over French airspace.


Air traffic controller. Photo: Mark Brouwer (Wikimedia).

The strike starts on Thursday May 26th at 04 a.m. and will last until Friday May 27th  at 04 a.m.

Most flights between UK and mainland Spain will be affected. The experience from previous strikes has been up to 3 hour delays in addition to some cancellations.

Some departures will be canceled while many more are going to suffer delays because some of the planes will not be allowed to fly over France, but must fly around French air territory.

French air traffic controllers have had to endure a lot of criticism from the major European airlines because of what eventually appears to have become a custom. This is the 47th French air traffic controllers strike since 2009. “It is unacceptable that the airlines and their customers time and again are being penalized by these unjust strikes,” said Thomas Reyneart, president of A4E (an association of airlines) during a previous strike.

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