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Free WiFi is underway

It will become easier to surf at Spanish airports and all Spanish trains and railway stations in the future.


Madrid-Barajas T-4. Photo: Diego Delso (Wikipedia).

Spanish airports

All the 46 airports and 2 Helicopter stations belonging to the Spanish airport operator AENA will get free wifi with no time limit. The speed should be better than before, but it will be limited to 1 Mb/s. If you want higher speed and more services you may pay for a premium service, where the cost of service is € 1.50 per half hour.

Efforts to install WiFi in airports are already in process and are expected to be completely finished sometime in December. It should be noted that there are few airports in Spain which do not belong to AENA, such as the newly opened airport in Castellón.


Ave train in Sevilla. Photo: Iantomferry (Wikipedia).

Spanish trains

All passenger trains belonging to RENFE and all stations will be equipped with free wifi. It is a task that will take several months before it is finished, but all AVE high-speed trains shall be equipped with free wifi before the end of the year. It is estimated that the majority of commuter trains “Cercanías” also will have access to free wifi in the same period. For the remaining 1,200 trains and all the smaller train stations development is calculated to take approximately two years.

Sources: International Development Minister Ana Pastor, AENA and RENFE.

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