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Free taxi in Mijas

Mijas municipality encourages to shopping from local businesses by offering free taxi rides with their famous donkey-taxi.

Donkey taxi in Mijas

Donkey taxi in Mijas
Photo: Erixon Consulting

The condition for getting a free ride with the donkey taxi is that you spend more than 50 euros in any of the shops or restaurants in the municipality. The taxi ride takes place up in Mijas Pueblo, but purchases do not need to be done there, but can also be done in other parts of the municipality such as La Cala de Mijas or Las Lagunas.

Santiago Martin, responsible for trade in Mijas municipality, told Monday that the new campaign “Bono Burro” has been introduced to stimulate trade in the whole Mijas municipality. The procedure for obtaining these trips is simple, just bring the receipt of more than 50 Euro to the Municipal Tourism Bureau, which will replace it with a taxi ride.

A total of 900 taxi trips are available, so it’s first come first served.

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