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Forest fire at the horse race track in Mijas Costa, Malaga

Fire in Mijas Costa

Photo: Tony Fitzgerald

A forest fire started next to the Hipodrome in Mijas Costa, Malaga around 17:15. A large cloud of smoke stretched from the fire over Fuengirola and the sea beyond. The cloud stretched across the Costa del Sol as far north as Malaga while helicopters, planes and firefighters worked to extinguish the fire. It has been raining ashes over northern Fuengirola ever since the fire started. Also cars that drove on the highway past the fire area was covered with ash. The fire eventually spread down to the Club la Costa. Parts of Club La Costa and the buildings around the fire area were evacuated.

The police were busy preventing curious onlookers from entering the fire area while the evacuation started. The highway was closed for a short period during the evacuation.

The fire is now under control and the evacuees are allowed coming back to their houses while the fire forces are doing the last extinguishing works.