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Fiber installation stopped

Torremolinos municipality is putting obstacles in the way of installation of optical fiber. The company responsible for the development are dismissing their employees.


Fiber optic cable. Photo: Bidgee, Wikimedia.

Jazztel is one of the companies that withdraws from the cooperation with Torremolinos. The municipality has not even responded to its request for permission for the service. Other carriers have also tried, but without success. Manuel Delgado, head of Cableven, one of the companies working to lay down fiber in Torremolinos, says the municipality’s action means unemployment for many workers. The company lost around 100,000 Euro in investments and are forced to lay off 17 people.

Cableleven neither received any response from the municipality during the two months the municipality has to answer the inquiry. This lack of response means that the company is allowed to start working under the current law. What the municipality then did was to impose fines on the company with 63,000 Euro for occupying the streets.

in addition according to law Telefonica are forced to share their infrastructure with other operators. This has meant that Telefonica has chosen to reduce the rate of construction by 35%. The consequence of all this is that the expansion of fiber networks in Torremolinos is now virtually stopped. Torremolinos City Council has refused to give their version of the events today.

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