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Ferris Wheel to Malaga

There are very far advanced plans to assemble a giant Ferris wheel at the entrance to the port of Malaga.


The ferris wheel, here in Andorra.

There have been months of paperwork, and three possible areas for location have been considered. Now a principle agreement between the port authority and the organizer company Mederyt has been reached. The selected location is at the entrance to the port from Plaza de la Marina, on the left side next to a small group of palm trees. Some of the palms need to be moved to make room for the 70 meter high Ferris wheel.

The agreement covers six months of operation, with 70,000 euros in monthly fees for the organizer company. The capacity is thousand people per hour, and the wheel is a princess modell, ie it has small cottages. The Ferris Wheel has lately been in Andorra (see picture) and previously in Zaragoza.

If all goes as planned, the ferris wheel will be operating from mid or late summer. But there might be obstacles. First the Planning Department at the municipality must give its approval. They will assess the technical feasibility and compatibility with the intended use of the port. But the biggest stumbling block may be the state Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which has previously stopped a Ferris wheel in Málaga. But the location of this one is different, and not near the airport’s airspace and the promoter company now believe that they can get a permission.


The proposed location of the ferris wheel.