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Ferris Wheel opens in Malaga

The Giant Ferris Wheel in Malaga harbor is ready for use after a few days delay and the planned opening is Thursday August 27 at 11:30 am.


Ferris Wheel “Mirador Princess” in Málaga. Photo: Franz Van Pelt from Malaga, (picture is clickable).

It was originally intended that the rides would start on Saturday, but it was necessary to make some last minute adjustments as the technical authorization could not be given then. But now all permits are in place according to information from port authorities.

The wheel has been turning since Friday last week, so many people have come there to ask if it had already opened. But already yesterday afternoon audience could travel while load tests were done between 7 pm and 10 pm. The wheel was not used at full capacity, but with a smaller number of passengers in each cabin. The purpose was to verify the proper operation of all systems and the job of the operatos before opening the doors permanently.

The test runs with the people attracted a large number of people, and the rumor spread like wildfire through social media. The tests were positive and they are expected to continue today, although nothing has been announced.

The Ferris Wheel “Mirador Princess” is 70 meters high and has 42 air-conditioned cabins with room for 8 persons in each cabin. This results in the ability to ride with the wheel in all seasons regardless of cold, heat or rain. The view is said to be huge with the entire Malaga and on a clear day, one should be able to see up to 30 km. The price of the ride is set at 7 €, but the final price is not yet fully nailed. The same applies to the opening hours. Tentatively, the idea is that the wheel will be in operation from 11 am in the morning to 01 am at night (at least during weekends).


The Ferris Wheel at night. Photo: Franz Van Pelt from Malaga, (picture is clickable).

The Ferris wheel is located in the harbor along Muelle de Heredia on the back of the bus station. It will be in place for at least eight months but there is agreement on a possible extension. The port has transferred 1,600 square meters for the wheel and for this they collects 100,000 euros per month from the wheel operator in rent for the area.