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Feriarte opens its doors in Madrid

For the thirty eighth time Feriarte, Feria de Arte y Antigüedades, is opened in Madrid.

feriarte madridA veritable playground for art – and antique lovers from all over the world where gallery owners, museum directors and private collectors have a great while time large amounts of unique art objects are being displayed and sold.

Feriarte is a reference point in the world when it comes to classic and antique masterpieces and has during its existence offered a wide variety of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, furniture, porcelain and archaeological artifacts. All items to be displayed at the show undergoes a rigorous examination by a committee composed of fifty experts from various disciplines, to establish and guarantee the item’s quality and authenticity.

This year’s edition leaves not disappoint, the list of properties is almost endless. Among the artists featured include Antoni Clavé, Darío de Regoyos, Joaquín Sorolla, Rafael Zabaleta, Baltasar Lobo, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró and Salvador Dalí. The eras and cultures represented ranging from the Paleolithic period, Stone and Bronze Age, Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Rome, the Renaissance, Romanticism, classicism, Modernism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and more. The variation among the objects is therefore astonishing.

Here are Egyptian sculptures, oriental rugs and African cult objects together with furniture in all the forms from the 1500s through to modern times. One of the exhibits give visitors the pleasure to follow the development of jewelery and see how the love of beauty has taken many forms throughout the ages. There is even the possibility of doing good investments in high-quality art or to decorate your home with something truly unique, since the items are also for sale.

Good art and good wines are an unbeatable combination, and Feriarte is collaborating again this year with the Salon de Gourmets to arrange a Wine & Art- bar where museum visitors can enjoy wines from Spain’s best and most renowned wineries such as Marqués de Cáceres, Bodegas Protos, Vini Maris and many more. As if this were not enough there is also an exhibition of antique cars and motorcycles!


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