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Fatal accident at Terra Mitica in Benidorm

An 18-year-old boy was thrown out of the roller coaster in Benidorm and later died in hospital because of major injuries. The accident happened in the theme park Terra Mitica in Benidorm. The park was full of adults and children when the accident occurred. It is absolutely tragic and shocked tourists witnessed the accident, when they saw that a 18 year old Icelandic boy was thrown out of the carousel at high speed. Many of the children and visitors who witnessed what happened in the park began to scream when they discovered what happened. A Norwegian father with his son at age 16 were witnesses to the accident and they told that they only minutes earlier had been sitting in the same carousel, they were on their way back to it from a little break when they discovered the accident and what had happened. Another Norwegian family had observed something red being thrown out of one of the cars and into the ground. According to Spanish media, there was an error on the harness that caused the accident. The 18-year-old boy was originally from Iceland and unfortunately died later of his injuries in hospital.

INFERNO: The roller coaster called Inferno, is of the type ZacSpin. It is 25 meters high and moving at 60 km/h while the wagons are spinning with a force of 3G.

According to El Mundo, the police have started investigation of the accident and sealed off the attraction where the accident occurred. The park was not closed immediately after the accident, but many chose to leave the premises earlier that night. Witnesses who have been visiting the Terra Mitica for several years mean that the park is poorly maintained.