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Fast internet in Fuengirola

fiber internet fuengirolaA new insfrastructure for fiber optic internet is currently being built out for the consumer market in Fuengirola. In some areas this is already clear for delivery, while in other parts of the city one still is adding up the structure.

Internet via fiber is many times faster than ADSL and ADSL2 and is typically supplied at speeds between 50 to 200 Mb. With internet via fiber, a whole family can stream movies simultaneously from the Internet without affecting the performance of the individual user. An important difference from ADSL is that the speed of uploading and downloading are the same. With an ADSL line you will usually have a download speed of around 10-20Mb, while the upload speed will be between 0.5 and 1Mb.

The service provided by Orange and Vodaphone and you can contact them to check whether there is coverage where you live.