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Fast food in Spain

Spaniards spend less money on fast food than almost all other Europeans. It’s just Italians who spend less per person per year.

fastfood-hamburger-spainThe Spanish business school EAE Business School has recently published a study on fast food, which reveals how much is spent on fast food in different countries. According to the study, every person in Spain spends € 42.61 on average per year on fast food.

If you break down the numbers to Spain’s regions, the largest consume per capita is found in the Balearic Islands (€ 98), the Canary Islands (€ 61) and in Madrid (€ 50). At the other end of the scale are Extremadura (21 €), Rioja (€ 25), Valencia (25 €) and Aragon (29 €). In other words, people in the Balearic Islands spend nearly five times as much on fast food as those in Extremadura.

If one looks at it from a global perspective, the consumption per capita is highest in Japan, USA and Australia, with an average per capita expenditure of € 231.35, € 205.37 and € 178.06. At the opposite end of the scale are India, China and Italia, with an average of € 9.30, € 26.94 and € 28.14 spent per person per year on fast food.

fastfood-fries-spainThe market in Spain

Regarding Spain, McDonalds is the market leader with 40%, followed by Burger King 22.5%, Pans & Co 4.4%, Rodilla 3.6% and finally KFC 3.1%. It is calculated that a total of 1.98 billion euros was spent on fast food in Spain in 2014, an increase of 6.33% compared to the previous year.

Future Perspective

How will the Spanish market evolve over the next five years? According to the report from EAE, the expenses on fast food in Spain will increase to reach 2,942 million euros in 2019, an increase of almost 50% from 2014. In 2016 it is expected that the Spaniards will spend € 63.77 per person on fast food, an increase of 49.65% compared to 2014. In addition, the average price for each transaction will increase by 7% over the next five years.


The study is based on figures from 2014. The author of the study is Marta Riera who is a researcher at the Strategic Research Center of EAE Business School. The full report is available in English and can be read here.