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Farmers praising the rain

Farmers in the Alicante province calculates that they can have saved up to 25 million Euros during the last days of rainfall.

orangesThe lack of rain this year has (almost) always been a major problem for farmers in Spain’s arid southeastern corner. The approximately fifty liters of water per square that meter fell between 4th and 7th of September has considerably eased the burdens for all who grow food. This time the rain has come at a relatively calm manner without storm or hail destroying the crops.

It is also estimated that more forest areas, that would otherwise have died from drought, now will survive. Last time that so much rain came at the same time in the province, was in April 2013.

The rains in recent days has naturally also caused damage. Costa Blanca has places like Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa received their fair share.

The same goes for the areas in and around Benidorm. The provinces further south like Almeria, Granada and Malaga were most affected, where also human lives have been lost.