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Fair in Mijas Pueblo

It is time again for the annual Fair in the little white mountain village of Mijas Pueblo. The fair starts on September 7th and ends on September 12th.

feria-i-mijas-2015-1The municipality has written September 7th to 12th on their posters, but the 5th of September at 10pm it is “Pregon de Feria” in the Auditorium with presentation of candidates for the various honorary titles including “Queen of the Fair”, “Mister Fair etc. If you look in the official program there is also an event already on September 4 at 3am (a domino competition in Hogar del Jubilado).

On September 6th there is a concert in the auditorium Miguel Gonzáles Berral at 6pm and later at 10pm there is a Flamenco Festival in the Auditorium.

But on September 7th the Fair starts for real. The program starts at 4.30 pm but the official opening ceremony is not until at 10.15 pm.

The entire program is available here (opens in new window and in PDF format), it is in Spanish, but easy to understand with lots of pictures.


On the 12th of September the Fair is finished, but according to the program there’s also an event on September 13th.

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