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Fair in Marbella

The Marbella Feria, San Bernabé, has now started. The opening ceremony was last night on June 8 and the Fair lasts until Sunday 14 June.

feria-de-marbellaThis year the fair has been moved to an area north of downtown, near the mall Parque Comercial La Cañada. This is a temporary solution, since this area later will be developed to the third phase of expansion of the shopping mall.

There are free buses to Fair every 20 minutes:
1. Shell gas station (bus station)
2. Avda. Canovas del Castillo (Urb. El Cenit)
3. Avda. Ricardo Soriano (El piruli)
4. Avda. Ricardo Soriano (Zona 7 Puertas- Unicaja)
5. Avda. Severo Ochoa (Edif. Marbell Center)
6. Travesía Huerta de los Cristales (Eroski)
7. C / Vazquez Clavel (“El Punto”)
8. C / Serenata (Mercadona)
9. Recinto Ferial (The fair ground)

The buses operate from June 9 to 13, from 1pm to 3:30pm and on Sunday from 1 pm to midnight.

In addition Avanza’s ordinary bus routes L-1, L-3 and L-6 cover the area, but these are not free and cost the same as during the rest of the year.

A parking has been set up lot at Las Albarizas and there is free mini train from the parking to the fair. You can also park at the mall Parque Comercial La Cañada and walk to the fair.

The Casetas at the fair open slightly differently on different days, between the hours of 11:30 pm and 2 p.m.. The amusement park opens 4 p.m. every day. For more information, see the official program.

June 10th at 11 p.m. there is a concert with David Bustamante in the auditorium at the fair. Free admission.

June 12th at 11 p.m. there is a concert with Antonio Orozco in the same place. Free admission.

Outside the Fair area
June 11th at 7 p.m. is the big show with horses and flamenco dances in the bullring, entrance from 15 euros. Tickets can be purchased at the stadium and at El Corte Ingles. You can also purchase tickets online:

June 14th at 7pm is there a bullfight at the bullring, this is not free, but tickets can be purchased at the ticket counter at the stadium from 11:00 until the show starts, and El Corte Ingles. Also here you can buy tickets online:


The Fair area. All images are from Marbella municipality.


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