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Fair in Málaga

The biggest party of the Costa de Sol and one of the world’s biggest street parties, lasts more than one week, from Saturday 15 August to Saturday 22 August.

malaga-feria-2015Opening Ceremony
What many may not know is that the spectacular opening ceremony takes place already on the Friday before. Friday the 14th of August, just before midnight, is the traditional opening of the Fair. At midnight there is a giant fireworks display and then a party with an outdoor concert on the beach and everything is as usual free.

What it’s about
The Fair in Málaga is considered one of the world’s largest street festivals and is a colorful experience.

In the old town
During the day there is celebration in the streets in the center, primarily in the old town and near the port. Spaniards are dressed up in gorgeous party outfits and all streets, bars and pubs are full of happy people.

fair-malaga-flamencoOn the Fairground
In the evenings festivities move to the fairground where there is party until sunrise every day. There are many small casetas which serve traditional Spanish cuisine.

Here you also get the chance to experience the strong horse culture that is alive and well in rural Spain.

There are shuttle buses between downtown and the Fairground so it is easy to get back and forth.

During the fair there is traditional bullfights every day, this year from August 11th to the 23rd of August, except on August 15th. These events begin at 19:30.

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Horses are part of the tradition on the Fairground in the evenings.

Biznaga Feria de Malaga 2014

The Biznaga is the symbol of the Málaga fair


On the first night there is a firework display on the beahc followed by a free open-air concert


Calle Larios during the fair in 2014. Photo: Malaga municipality

The fair in Málaga attracts millions of visitors every year, a number of cruise ships with thousands of passengers also arruve during the fair. In connection with the fairground there is admittedly a big parking lot, but it’s smart to not take the car during the fair. The local train is a much better option. Many people choose to park for free at the Plaza Mayor, and then take the train the into the city. If arriving by train and going to the fair in the center get off at Málaga Centro. If however you are going to the fairground in the evening you can get off at Victoria Kent and take a shuttle bus.


A whole fleet of shuttle buses run between downtown and the fairground.

There is a separate portal for the fair, with program and images: