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Expensive toll roads in Málaga

During the summer season the toll roads in the Málaga province are amongst the most expensive in the whole of Spain, beaten only by certain roads in the Balearic Islands, Vizcaya and Madrid.

AP-7 Costa del Sol. Photo: Nasu288, Wikimedia Commons

AP-7 Costa del Sol. Photo: Nasu288, Wikimedia Commons

The cost of driving on the Las Pedrizas (AP-46) and Costa del Sol (AP-7) toll roads is 17 cents per kilometre, whereas driving on the toll roads between Seville and Cadiz will cost only 7 cents per kilometer throughout the year.

The price for driving on highways in Spain varies depending on the season, but can also depend on the day of the week on and what time of day you are driving. During the summer season and Easter week, the prices are almost doubled.

Despite the high prices, many choose to use the toll roads, since the toll free road A-7 which runs parallel to the toll road AP-7, is very congested and has many exits and many driveways with a very short or no acceleration lane. Previously the A-7 between La Cala and Marbella was considered very dangerous, but after the speed limit was lowered to 80 km/h it has become considerably safer to drive here.

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