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Expansion of Plaza Mayor

The large shopping and entertainment center, the Plaza Mayor, next to IKEA in Malaga will be expanded significantly over the next years.

plaza mayor malaga

Centro Comercial Plaza Mayor, Málaga.
Photo: Wikipedia

There will be an expansion totaling 30,000 square meters that will generate a total of about 1,000 new jobs. The first construction stage will include 17,000 square meters and 90 stores with 700 employees. The investment for the first phase is 70 million euro and construction will begin later this year. The opening is estimated to mid 2017 and the recruitment process will be initiated in early 2017.

The second development phase of the complex will start as soon as the first phase is completed, and is expected to be completed by 2019. The investment is 45 million euros and covers an area of 13,000 square meters with 300 employees.

plaza mayor

A sketch of the project

The new part of the Plaza Mayor will be called “Malaga Designer Outlet” and there will be shops which offer products from national and international brands with discounts of between 30% and 70%. Everything is thought to primarily belong to the luxury segment and the design of the buildings is going to be inspired by Andalusian architecture. The ambition is that it should feel as though you walk around the streets of a city shopping.

In addition to shops, there will be 600 new parking spaces. Expansion is east of the existing facility and will occupy a portion of the existing parking lots. These parking lots will be underground instead. There will be one parking space per 13 square feet of retail space, which is significantly better than the statutory requirements that is one parking space per 20 square meters.

Facts about Centro Comercial Plaza Mayor, Malaga
The center opened in 2002 and has 142 businesses such as shops, restaurants, cinema, bowling and much more. It has 3,200 parking spaces and a station for the local train C1 that goes between Fuengirola and Malaga. In 2014 more than 9 million visitors was registered with a turnover of 97 million euros.