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Euskara for everyone!

Pais Vasco

Foto: Wikipedia

The Basque Government recently approved “La Agenda Estratégica part Euskera” (the Strategic Agenda for the Basque Country) for 2013-2016. This include a paragraph on strengthening the knowledge of the Basque language, with special emphasis on immigrant youth.

On the question of who were counted in that category accounted education adviser Cristina Uriarte that it’s about the people who come from other countries or other autonomous regions of Spain, and who do not speak Basque.

The government’s plan includes proposals to provide opportunities and resources for immigrants to blend into the Basque language Euskera and cultural realities of the Basque Country. By assigning the project 335 million Euro, the importance of bilinguealism conveyed. The Basque Government wants everyone to achieve at least a minimum level of bilingualism and Euskera should not be unfamiliar to anyone.


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