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Ebola fear on nudist beach

A boat with 21 African refugees in poor condition drifted ashore the Maspalomas beach on Gran Canaria yesterday.


The refugees where isolated on the maspalomas beach for several hours.

It was beach cleaners who first spotted the boat of refugees and in them morning and later the Red Cross crews came to the site folowed by the police. Many of the refugees had fever and were therefore isolated at the beach until they had resolved the health status of the refugees. In anticipation of a qualified healthcare professional the refugees were waiting in the hot sun for several hours before it got clare that there was a risk of some Ebola infection and the 21 refugees from Africa could be transported away from the beach. Since ambulances would not be able to drive on the sandy beach, the refugees where all transported on  a large lorry used by beach cleaners.

The area where the refugees were isolated is a nudist zone which is mostly used by gays.

So far this year there have been 286 illegal immigrants arriving to the Canary Islands in small boats from the African continent.