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Drunk helicopter pilot

A helicopter pilot flying helicopter ambulance in Tenerife was arrested intoxicated by the Guardia Civil just before an emergency.

helicopter-ambulanceThe behavior of the pilot made the staff on Tenerife south airport suspicious and they alerted the Guardia Civil. The pilot had to make a blow control which showed that he was far above the permitted limit, just minutes before he was flying.

The pilot worked for a private company engaged in air ambulance for the public healthcare in the Canary Islands (Servicio de Urgencias Canario). At that time there were no other crew available and it took several hours before new crew was ready.

Helicopter company says that they have zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol, and has promised a strict disciplinary action against the pilot. The man is now suspended from his job and his access card to the airport is withdrawn. It is unclear if he at all gets to keep the pilot’s license.

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