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Drug trafficking boss arrested

One of Europe’s most dangerous drug trafficking bosses, 44 years old Robert Dawes from Nottingham, has been arrested in Benalmádena under a crackdown coordinated by Europol.

Photo: Guardia Civil

Photo: Guardia Civil

Dawes has been under investigation since 2007 and stands behind the main criminal organization in the UK and Europe who are behind drug trafficking, money laundering and murder. The organization has smuggled large amounts of cocaine from South America to Europe and heroin from Turkey and Afghanistan to the UK.

The organization has had connections to Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany, Turkey, UK, UAE, Pakistan, Venezuela, Ecuador and Mexico; and Calabrian mafia ‘Ndrangheta “.

The organization has been using encrypted phones to make calls and sending messages, which has made the investigation very difficult. During the investigation 150 mobile phones with encryption technology, 40 laptops and tablets, € 450,000 in cash and eight vehicles were seized. In addition, 19 properties with a value of more than 5.5 million euros were also seized.