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Drones against tiger mosquitoes

Alfaz del Pi on the Costa Blanca has initiated their annual preventive campaign against Tiger Mosquitoes. This year they are also using drones.

tax-droneThe drones will be used to localize wetlands and other bodies of water that can become breeding grounds for the Tiger Mosquitoes. Dolores Alberto, City Councillor with responsibility for health, explains that the drones will “inspect” the whole municipality in order to create a “map of high risk areas.”

In addition to the use of drones, the town hall has also launched a health information campaign to “raise awareness and cooperation willingness” to eliminate hatching areas and stop the spread of Tiger Mosquitoes.

3,000 flyers have been printed with information about the importance of combating tiger mosquitoes, how to recognize them, preventive measures and how they can be combated.

Tiger Mosquito. Photo: Wikipedia

Tiger Mosquito. Photo: Wikipedia

Tiger Mosquito bites are much more painful than regular mosquito bites and Tiger Mosquitoes are easy to recognize with their stripes. Usually the eggs are being laid in water so it is important to  drain all bodies of water both inside and outside the home, to avoid breeding sites for mosquitoes. The larval stage takes about seven days, so it is important that all water is being eliminated each week.

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