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Driving a foreign registered car in Spain

There has been some fake news spreading around the facebook recently, claiming that the rules for how long you can drive a foreign registered car in Spain has been reduced to 30 days.

A7 Benalmadena. Photo: Wikipedia

The rule has not changed. However, depending on if you are on holiday or you are a resident and want to bring your car from abroad the period of time is longer or shorter.

What’s the difference?

  1.  A car with foreign plates, is allowed a maximum of 181 days to circulate on Spanish roads. Thus you can drive with your car if you are going on a holiday to spain for a limited period. Should you use the car here more than 181 days there are heavy fines.
  2. If you are resident, and bring a car from another country, you are importing the car so the vehicle has to be re registered to Spanish plates within 30 days.


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