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Disobedient bathers fined

Now that summer is approaching, the police is increasing the patrolling of the beaches. Several municipalities have introduced strict fines for all sorts of offenses.

beach-red-flagOne of the municipalities is Guardamar on the Costa Blanca. Last year, three bathers were fined for not obeying the lifeguards that asked them to go out of the water when the red flag was hoisted. They were fined a total of 450 Euro. This year Guardamar municipal reinforces the monitoring of the beaches. Regarding the street vendors in Avenida Europa, the municipality are collaborating with the Guardia Civil.

As of June 10th, Policia Local will monitor the beaches to ensure that the rules are being followed. Apart from swimming when there is a red flag, the police will also crack down on illegal fishing, unauthorized pets on the beaches as well as habit of reserving a space with umbrellas or similar object on the beach.

Not only in Guardamar

But it is not only Guardamar that will have more controls on the beaches. In Torrevieja, a bather was recently fined because he had reserved a space at the Playa del Cura. It was a tourist from Madrid who had reserved a space by planting a parasol on the first line on the beach. The tourist was fined 150 euros and the parasol was also seized. The tourist made a complaint about the fine and claimed that he had left the place to go swimming, but was not believed. There was nothing else to do than just to pay the fine.

beach-occupationIn many places along the Mediterranean coast, an undesirable habit has developed where bathers arrive very early in the morning to reserve a spot by putting out a lounger, umbrella or a towel. Then they go home and come back several hours later. Apart that it is unjust against other bathers, it often creates trouble for the staff who are cleaning the beaches in the morning.

Therefore, many municipalities has taken a stricter line against these atrocities, both on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. Torrox on the Costa del Sol began to fight this problem last year and issued fines of 30 Euro in addition to the seizure of materials. A spokesman for the municipality said that “it worked well and there were more space on the beaches.”