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Diesel under 1 Euro per liter

There is a price war on diesel in the Málaga province. It is the low cost company Petro Prix who has initiated the low prices.

petroprixThe company, which has offices in Barcelona and Jaen, recently opened two “low” gas stations in Malaga, and there are now a dozen gas stations in the province that offer Diesel for under a Euro. But with the opening of Petro Prix in the area, it is the first time that the price has fallen below a Euro in Málaga city.

The head of Petro Prix, Manuel Santiago said that the project has only just begun in Málaga, and that it is based on “quality and technology,” he also says that they have supply contracts with the major oil companies and that the fuel is of the highest quality. It should be added that Petro Prix stations are unstaffed.

But there are preconditions for further price reductions. The price of a barrel of OPEC oil last week fell to below $ 40. It’s the lowest price since February 2009.

Actual prices for low-price diesel

  • Riogordo E.S. El Campillo, en A-356 km. 18.7. Diesel A 0,969. (Cheapest right now)
  • Benalmádena Ballenoil. Calle Santo Tomás. Urbanizacion La Leala. Diesel A 0.989.
  • Malaga Petro Prix. Calle Bahia Blanca, 31. Polígono San Luis. Diesel A 0.989.
  • Malaga Petro Prix. Calle Licurgio, 2. Polígono Santa Barbara. Diesel A 0.989.
  • Ronda Agla. Calle Genal, 3. Diesel A 0.995.
  • Velez Malaga Trops. Pol. Industrial El Trapiche. Diesel A 0.995.
  • Ronda Meroil. Calle Don Francisco Carrillo de Mendoza y Morales, den første Diesel A 0.995.
  • Ronda GEDs. Calle Guadalhorce, 4. Diesel A 0.995.
  • Velez Malaga Gueroil. Autovía del Mediterráneo A-7, km. 264,5. Cajiz. Diesel A 0,997.
  • Mollina Sociedad Virgin Oliva. Avenida de las Américas, 35. Diesel A 0,997.
  • Vélez-Málaga Eroski. Avenida Juan Carlos I, s / n. Diesel A 0,998.Velez Malaga Ballenoil. Camino El
  • Higueral, 28. Diesel A 0,998.
  • Benaojan Meroil. Calle Zona de la Vega, s / n. Diesel A 0,999.
  • Torre del Mar ES Torre del Mar. Avenida de Andalucía, 100. Diesel A 0,999.
  • Velez Malaga Distreax-22. Calle Ignacio Zuloaga, 6. Diesel A 0,999.

The opening offer is available on Petro Prix’ website.

In some cases, one might also take into account various other cheap options. We are thinking of a gas station in Coín where you can get discounts if you have a loyalty card. Both in terms of a few cents per liter and in the form of a free car wash. If you include this, the final price gets roughly as above.

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