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Demolition in Torrevieja

After being empty for nine years while transforming more and more into a ruin, it seems that the demolition of the bulding La Ballena finally can get started.

la-ballenaLa Ballena which is a large residential building in Calle Pedro Lorca in Torrevieja, has been empty since 2006. The building was abandoned because it was in poor condition and needed repairs in the order of 1.7 million Euro, which the owners could not afford. On 30 March 2006, the town hall declared the building a ruin and forced the residents to move out.

After this, the building has been vandalized, looted and sometimes even occupied. Residents in the area have complained for years on the state of the building and requested that the municipality takes action. But as most people know, the bureaucratic process in Spain takes a long time, and this was no exception. What has complicated the matter is that the building consists of approximately 30 apartments. These are owned partly by private persons and partly by banks, because many of the owners have not been able to pay their mortgages.

The owners have to pay for demolition

But now the process has completed and demolition, which is expected to cost about 300,000 euros, can begin. This sum will be divided between the owners of the apartments. Owners who can not pay will get legal claims from Torrevieja municipality.