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Credit card scammers arrested in Gran Canaria

The owner and staff members of a night club in Playa del Inglés arrested for drugging clients and charging them for services they did not order.


Illustration photo by Wikipedia

The police started an investigation after several complaints from male tourists in Playa de Inglés that had been charged for expensive services they could not remember buying. It turned out all of them had been to the Divinity Club after being persuaded by the PR staff to enter the lap dance club for a free drink. In the premises they were offered a massage and then the client’s drinks where spiked so that they fell unconscious, giving the employees the opportunity to charge the clients for large amounts of money.

After an undercover operation the police where able to confirm their suspicions and during a raid in the premises they found several drugs hidden behind the counter which are belived to have been used in the victim’s drinks.