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Costa del Sol cheapest

Costa del Sol has been crowned as the world’s cheapest travel destination for the coming winter by the British post office’s annual test of various holiday destinations.

benalmadena beach

Benalmadena is a very popular tourist resort on Costa del Sol.

Costa del Sol is better off than popular destinations such as Bali and Portugal in terms of typical daily costs for tourists. The test is based on a basket of typical goods that tourists buy at the supermarket during a holiday. On average, a tourist pays 55 for this basket on the Costa del Sol, which is 7% less than in 2013.

In addition, the prices were checked for a three course dinner for two people including a bottle of wine and here Costa el Sol was cheapest with an average price of 26 €.

On the list of holiday expenses Costa del Sol came ahead of Bali, the Algarve coast in Portugal, Sri Lanka and Tenerife in this test which includes the 8 most popular travel destinations in the world seen through British eyes.