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Costa Blanca hikers

There is a large group of people who meet twice a week to enjoy mountain hiking in the Costa Blanca region of Spain.

costa-blanca-hikingThey call themselves the Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers (CBMV), and everyone is welcome to attend. The group is not formally registered as a club and is not connected to any organization, thus there are no memberships, subscriptions or special rules. All are asked to, but voluntary, make an effort to cover the cost of their website. This year’s voluntary contribution is set at 3 Euro per person per year. As a receipt and a thank you for the payment yougets a keychain with the group’s logo.

The hikers who serves as the head have no formal training and do not take any responsibility for their companions so all hiking is entirely at your own risk. But all efforts are obviously made to ensure that the tours will be successful for all participants. The group is no newcomer, and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2012.

Anyone interested in participating can find all information about the group, trails, upcoming hikes, how to behave etc on a very informative website:
They also have a Facebook group:



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