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Corruption network uncovered

30 people have been arrested in Andalusia, the Canary Islands, Extremadura and Madrid for a bid-rigging scheme within park- and garden maintenance.


Photo: Guardia Civil

It was on Tuesday that the police operation Endredera simultaneously raided offices and companies in a large number of cities in 13 provinces in Spain. Politicians, civil servants and technicians are among those arrested.

Those arrested are suspected of having arranged a bid-rigging scheme so that certain companies would win the contracts. The two main companies involved, Fitonovo and Fiverde, had built a network of corrupt politicians and public officials who ensured that they would win the contracts.

The arrests on Tuesday include among others: Cristóbal Pérez, second deputy mayor of the town of La Carolina in Jaén; Miguel Ángel de la Cruz, infrastructure engineer in Jaén provincial government; two technicians from the Ministry of public works in Huelva; and Carlos Podio, head of the Road department of Seville.

The public employees who are suspected in the case will be presented for a wide range of charges: fraud against the public administration, money laundering, price fixing, document forgery, public tax fraud and organized crime.