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Controversial security law enacted

The ruling party PP used its majority to ram the Security Act, “Ley de Seguridad Ciudadana” through the congress, which gives police increased powers to intervene against demonstrators.

security law

The Left Coalition Izquierda Plural protesting against the new law in the Congress. Photo: Elpais TV

The entire opposition has stated that this a gag law against freedom of speech in Spain. The law has been criticized both within Spain and from Amnesty International and 80% of Spaniards are against the law.

The original law was much stricter than the law which was finally adopted and included high fines for protesters carrying signs that were harmful to Spain or spanish regions. When the original bill was presented in November 2013 it was immediately described as a talior-made tool to crack down on social unrest and riots which arises because of the way the government handles financial crisis. Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner Nils Muižnieks pointed out that one can not put the blame on citizens when social problems arises that are triggered by the economic crisis.

“This law takes us back to the police state and it is not necessary,” said Socialist Antonio Trevin. Members of the left coalition “Izquierda Plural” protested against the law by wearing white masks in the Congress.

The law has to go through the Senate before going into effect.

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