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Subsidies for car replacement continues

The Government has approved the eighth edition of the subsidy Plan Pive which is given to buy a new car while you dispose of an older and more polluting car.

plan-pive-8This form of support is called Plan Pive and means you will be subsidized by the state and the car dealer when buying a new car, at the same time as disposing of a car more than 10 years old. The old car must be approved by ITV (Spanish vehicle inspection), so one can not take an old wrecks and believe that you get subsidies (it must also be Spanish registered). The owner of the car must also have had the car for at least one year to get the PIVE, and one can only receive the subsidy once per person.

The government has allocated 225 million € to Plan Pive 8, and the grants are shared equally between the government and the retailers. The subsidies are somewhat lower for a normal buyer compared with Plan Pive 7 but unchanged for large families and the disabled.

Plan Pive 8 means that the standard buyer receives a grant of € 1500 on a car (750 € from the government and 750 € from the car dealer). The car must cost more than € 25,000 before tax (IVA). Large families and the disabled who need a custom car gets € 3,000 in grants and the car must in this case cost a maximum of € 30,000 before taxes. If you decide to buy a hybrid or electric car the limitation on the purchase price is € 40,000.

The requirements of the new car is that it does not emit more carbon dioxide than 120 g / km for passenger cars and 160 g / km for commercial vehicles.

Who can benefit from Stage Pive 8
Every person who buys a car as above can take advantage of it. For large families applies that the car must be at least a five-seater. Disabled people need to prove their status. Also companies can take advantage of the subsidy. This applies to self-employed (autonomo) and small businesses with less than 10 employees and with a turnover not exceeding EUR 2 million. But also medium-sized enterprises with fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than EUR 50 million.

What Plan Pive has implied until now
The last seven editions of Plan Pive has meant that 890,000 old cars were replaced by new, cleaner and safer cars. For this, the government and car dealers have set aside € 890 million each. If we look at the environmental benefits it has led to a reduction in consumption of 487 million liters of fuel per year (-45%). Particulate emissions are reduced by 96%, NOx emissions by 83%, carbon monoxide (CO), 82% and carbon dioxide (CO2) is reduced by 52% to 1.36 million tons per year.

Over the years Plan Pive existed also the number of traffic victims has been reduced. Nobody knows how much of this can be attributed Plan Pive. But it has obviously been of great importance for road safety that old unsafe cars have disappeared from the traffic.


Plan Pive includes both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

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