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Confused tourists

Benidorm is now painting English signs on pedestrian crossings, to make British tourists look to the left when they are crossing the streets.

benidorm-look-leftThe local authorities in Benidorm have begun to paint the text “Look Left” on zebra crossings to help confused British tourists. The purpose is to reduce the number of accidents, especially at night when tourists who have had too many drinks are looking in the wrong direction while they are crossing the streets.

In the period 2007-2013, 17 pedestrians were hit by cars, most of them Britons, while they were crossing the street. The same applies to 102 accidents involving damage to vehicles.

Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Zarate from Benidorm city council says that “The biggest problem is the roads where traffic goes in both directions where the cars in our country from a pedestrian perspective comes from the left. I’m sure this can greatly reduce the number of accidents with Britons involved. ”

The first zebra crossing painted with the words “Look Left” in capital letters is the crossing of Calle Mallorca and Calle Gerona. The campaign will mainly focus on the part of Benidorm known as “Little England”, which is full of restaurants and bars. Next summer there will also be British policemen patrolling the streets of Benidorm as a part of an innovative exchange.

Playa Levante im Benidorm. Photo; Diego Delso, Wikimedia Commons

Playa Levante im Benidorm. Photo; Diego Delso, Wikimedia Commons

In this connection it may be mentioned that British tourists are in a clear majority in Benidorm. They represent over 50% of all tourists in Benidorm – Spaniards included.

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