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Food collection campaign this weekend

Food Bank Spain is conducting their annual food collection event, La Gran Recogida de Alimentos, on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of December.

130.000 volunteers will be located outside 11.000 supermarkets all over Spain collecting food for families that are living in poverty. The campaign makes up for about a fifth of all the food that is being collected over an entire year.

On Costa del Sol it is the supermarket chain Mercadona that will be cooperating with the Costa del Sol Food Bank. A total of 40 their shops will have a stand at the entrance where you can donate food. All kinds of foods are appreciated, but you can also ask the volunteers about advice on what to donate.

Last year’s food collection resulted in 22 million kilos of donated food. In fact Spain was the country that donated the most of all European countries on last year’s collection event with 0.72kg food per inhabitant while France donated only 0.22 kg per inhabitant.

Let’s make sure we get Spain on the top of the list this year as well.

The Food Collection campaign:

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