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Christmas lights in Málaga 2018

The spectacular Christmas lights in Málaga will be switched on Friday November 30th 2018 at 7 p.m.

In addition to the main shopping street, Calle Larios, there will also be Christmas lights in Calle Marqués, Sagasta, Souvirón, Plaza de Camas, Calle Herrera del Rey, Puerta del Mar, Calle Moreno Carbonero, Calle Álamos, and Calle Granada.

A lot of visitors will be going to Málaga on the first night and it does get extremely crammed, to a point where you may not be able to move. You might want to consider going to see the light show on another night than on Friday 30th of November.

There will be christmas light and music shows every night until 6th of January at 6.30 p.m., 8 p.m., and 9.30 p.m.

The easiest way to go to Málaga by train to the end station (Málaga Central). Calle Larios is only a 10 minutes walk from the Train Station.

If you are going by car, a good tip is to drive to Plaza Mayor, where you can park for free and from there you can take the train the last stops to Málaga Central. Plaza Mayor is also a large shopping area, so you could combine this with some Christmas shopping.

The atmosphere around Calle Larios in December is really amazing. There are always lots of street artists and performers in Calle Larios and you can walk around for hours in the narrow streets surrounding Calle Larios and the Cathedral where there are many small shops and tapas bars. There will be snow cannons in some of the main squares of the city, such as Plaza de las Flores and in the Soho area.

There will be 7 Christmas trees between 6 and 18 metres tall in the Centre, all illuminated with led lights. These are located in: The Huelin Park, Cervantes Theatre, Alcazabilla street, Plaza de la Marina, Plaza de la Constitución, Plaza Enrique García Square, and Molina Lario.

There is also a Christmas Market in the park that runs down to the Plaza Marina, where you might find some Christmas presents.

See the christmas lights and sound show in Málaga here

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