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Check in fee at Ryanair

Ryanair is changing their practice regarding the check-in fee from 1st of November. The fee also applies to those who have already booked a ticket.

ryanair aircraft

Illsutration photo by Ryanair

If you want to check in more than 4 days before departure you will be charged a fee of 6.7 €. This applies even if you do not reserve seats at check-in. Until now it has been possible to check in online 7 days before departure without paying any fee, but this possibility is now being reduced to 4 days before departure.

According to Ryanair this is not a sneaky way to get customers to pay more. This change is being made to give those passengers who pay for reserving a seat, more options during check-in. The decision comes after feedbacks from this passenger group.

Customers who do not wish to reserve their preferred seat can check in online or on the mobile app free of charge between four days and two hours before departure and will be allocated a random seat,” said Ryanair in an email to passengers.

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