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From rain to spain

From rain to Spain

Two cyclists from UK are due to arrive in Benalmádena this week after a 2.000 mile ride for charity. Paul Kearns and Steve Tindall started from Baildon in West Yorkshire…

Health Minister Ana Mato

Health minister asked to resign

Hospital workers gathered outside Madrid’s hospital to express their concerns about their own safety. Health workers in Spain are in panic over the lack of training and lack of equipment…


Horse, chicken and turkey found in kebabs

6 of 25 kebabs that were supposed to be made of beef contained 60% chicken. The Spanish consumer organisation Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios (OCU) has analyzed 25 kebabs in Madrid. In 24 of…

Manuel García

Spanish nurse infected by Ebola

Treated the two infected priests at the Carlos III Hospital in Madrid and was infected herself. The woman had felt slightly ill since Tuesday last week and was hospitalized today with a high…


The noise from oil drilling can harm whales

The test drillings outside the Canary Islands can create noise of up to 180 decibels that can harm whales and dolphins in a large area. The scientific reports that Repsol was using to apply…

Traffic accident in Andalusia

Traffic in Spain has become safer

The number of road deaths has declined, both in the Málaga Province and nationally in Spain The Transport Administration in Spain, “Dirección General de Trafico”, has released a report showing…

President Mariano Rajoy

New and stricter law on abortion is not implemented

Plans for a new law on abortion that only allows abortion in case of rape or danger to the mother’s health has been suspended by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. The…

Manuel García

Another Spanish priest dies of Ebola

Ebola has now claimed its second victim when the Spanish priest Manuel García Viejo died on Thursday. The priest worked as a missionary in Sierra Leone where he was infected….

Jet ski

Guardia Civil at sea

Guardia Civil has just completed a major campaign to control recreational activities at sea The campaign  The campaign started in June and ended on September 15th. It was primarily small boats,…


Plant Experiment in Axarquia

In Axarquía area east of Málaga experiments are now in large scale with various exotic plants to make new and more profitable crops It is the Spanish Government Research “Experimental…