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Subsidies for car replacement continues

The Government has approved the eighth edition of the subsidy Plan Pive which is given to buy a new car while you dispose of an older and more polluting car….


Spain is most tourist friendly

For the first time Spain has been ranked as the world’s most tourist-friendly country in the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competititveness Index. The World Economic Forum is best…

Old Couple

Life expectancy in Spain

A new study shows that Spaniards have the highest life expectancy in Europe and that Spanish mothers are the oldest on the continent. The benefits of a healthy Mediterranean diet,…


Mine reopened

The mine in Rio Tinto in Huelva was closed down 14 years ago, but now the mining starts again. 250 people will be directly employed in the mine and indirectly…


Nudists can be fined

A recent judgment in Spanish Supreme Court determines that nudism – naturism is not a human right. Thus, municipalities that want to, can ban nudism / naturism on their beaches….


Game of Thrones

The Spanish king Felipe VI received an unexpected gift from an unexpected donor when he last visited the EU headquarters in Brussels. It was Pablo Iglesias, EU parliamentarian and leader of…


Train travels increasing

The Spanish high speed trains are taking market shares from all other methods of domestic travel. On some stretches flight travels in practice are ousted. We are talking about AVE trains…


Spain offers citizenship

By offering 2.2 million Sephardim jews citizenship, Spain wants to make up after the expulsion of the Spanish Jews in 1492. 523 years ago, the Spanish Jews had two alternatives,…


The hotels are being filled up

The status of the number of hotel reservations on the Costa del Sol looks very good. The hotels have received far more orders than last year for the upcoming Easter….


IKEA expands in Spain

The Swedish furniture giant now wants to simplify the buying process for clients in Spain and opens up a number of distribution points as a supplement to their stores. It’s about…