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Carnival in Spain

Right now it’s time for carnival throughout the Catholic world, also in Spain. Some of them are truly spectacular and all are definitely worth seeing.

carnival-tenerifeA carnival is a festival that takes place before the Lent. The biggest and most famous carnival is in Rio de Janeiro. But the world’s second largest carnival takes place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It begins 40 days before Easter and lasts about a week. Officials estimate the number of participants to just over a million. The carnival in Cadiz is also is very well known and it lasts for two weeks. It is especially known for its satirical music groups, that can be seen on Spanish TV every year.

But there is carnival a bit everywhere, not only in the Catholic world. The first documented use of the name “Carnival” dates back to 1142, but the phenomenon itself is much older. According to historians, there were similiar celebrations already in Sumer (southern Iraq) and Egypt more than 5,000 years ago.

carnival-cadiz-2016A selection of this year’s carnivals in Spain

  • Las Palmas from January 29th to February 21st
  • Malaga January 30th to February 7th
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife February 3rd to 14th
  • Cadiz February 4th to 14 th
  • Alicante February 4th to 14 th
  • Córdoba February 6th to 14 th
  • Torrevieja February 7th to 13th
  • Marbella February 7th to 22 nd

A more complete list is available here: