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Carla’s journey from Tenerife to Madrid

55 years ago a boy was born in the village of Guimar on the island of Tenerife. Today the same individual is named Carla Delgado, she is a politician of the Socialist Party PSOE in Madrid as well as an artist and activist under the name Carla Antonelli.

les-gai-cine-madDuring the film festival Lesgaicinemad in Madrid, the documentary about her, Carla’s journey, was shown – where she returns to her village. The journey home was the origin of the documentary that was made by journalist Fernando Olmeda.

The project started four years ago when Antonelli was awarded the Premio Cardón of the municipality Güimar, an award given to the village’s most prominent citizens. “For 32 years, I just went to her village incognito, in the evening, to visit my mother,” says Carla. Now everything has changed. Carla also recently received an honorary mention of her local party group. “This has been like a deliverance of my demons, and also a testament to the perseverance, the property to be able to find something good in everything that is bad,” she says.

Transsexualism; A person feels like and identifies with a different gender than she/he was assigned at birth.

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