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Car sales increasing

Sales of new cars is increasing sharply in Europe. September was the 25th consecutive month with increase and especially in Spain the growth is strong.

carsCompared to last year the registration of new cars in the EU with increased 9.8%. Spain has the largest increase of all the major countries, the new registrations were up 22.5%, followed by Italy with 17.2%, the UK 8.6% and Germany 4.8%.

If we expand the horizon a bit to cover the first nine months, the figures still show a sharp increase for the EU as a whole and the increase for the period is 8.8%. This gives a total number of over 10 million new cars (10,413,675 cars). But there is still some way to go before the economic crisis figures. During the same period in 2007 there were nearly 12 million registrations.


The statistics also show the distribution between the various car manufacturers. It may be noted that the revelations about VW has not affected the figures for September negatively. September actuallt was a good month for VW. But the bomb with the exhaust bluff exploded in mid-September, thus the numbers probably will look worse for VW in the last quarter of the year.

The full report from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association can be read here in PDF format (opens in new window).

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