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Car sales increases

Sales of new cars in Europe continues to increase for the seventeenth consecutive month, and the strongest increase is seen in Spain.

car-salesMore cars are now driving on the roads in Europe. ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) has now presented figures for January. The number of newly registered cars increased by 6.7% in the EU – compared with the same month last year. The absolute number of vehicles is about 999,157 cars. If one also takes into account the EFTA countries Iceland, Norway and Switzerland in the figures, the increase is somewhat lower, 6.2% with a total of 1,028,760 newly registered cars.

Sales figures are pointing upwards in all major markets, but the largest increase is seen for car dealers in Spain with a plus of 27.5%. Followed by Italy with 10.9% and more modest 2.6% in Germany.


Today there are 285 million registered vehicles in the EU, ie one vehicle per two people.

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