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Campfires prohibited

Starting today, June 1st, there is a total ban on fires in forests and fields throughout Andalusia. The ban applies until October 15th.

campfireThe reason for the ban is that the risk of natural fires is very high throughout the summer. This means that there is a ban on any kind of open fire in or near woodland. This also applies to barbecues with wood, coal or gas. Besides, it is forbidden to drive a motor vehicle outside of roads.

What is considered close to a forest is within 400 meters of forest or forest-like land. In urban areas that are further than 400 meters from the forest, it is up to each municipality to create their own rules. Some municipalities use the same rules as the above rules from the Junta de Andalucía, while others are more permissive or strict. Therefore, it is wise to check with your municipality what applies before having a barbeque party.

It is also illegal to block access to water for rescue services by blocking access roads to rivers, lakes or other water sources.


There are a few exceptions: Devices used for barbeque or cooking on areas used for rural tourism or youth camps may obtain permission from the environmental authorities ( “Delegaciones Provinciales de Medio Ambiente”).

Regarding the vehicle ban, farmers and the municipal environmental department can still use their vehicles without permission. As a novelty for this year the traditional Romeria vehicles can also be used without a permission.

Important for natural fires

  • Pay special attention to the rules of fire safety in your region
  • Do not throw cigarettes, garbage or glass bottles in the woods
  • Do not start a campfire in the countryside or near the forest. It is absolutely forbidden now
  • Camping should only take place at approved sites
  • If you see the prelude of a natural fire, contact 112 immediately
  • If you are surprised by a natural fire, avoid forest and shrubbery. Seek open space
  • Always follow the government’s instructions during a natural fire
This is what we want to avoid. From Alcalá la Real, Jaen. Photo: Michelangelo -36

This is what we want to avoid. From Alcalá la Real, Jaen. Photo: Michelangelo -36